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    • Polygraph test or examination is one of the most accurate tools to deterime whether someone is lying or not. We are the only polygraph service provider in Malaysia. It is 98% accurate
    • Do you want to prove your innocence? Use polygraph test
    • Is your spouse lying to you?
    • Is she laying to you?
    • We conduct pre marital polygraph test
    • Do You suspect your staff are lying?
    • It is the most accurate tool to detect whether someone is truthful or deceptive
    • Our examiners are full member of American Polygraph Association
    • We have conducted more than 5000 polygraph tests worldwide since 1997
    • There is no way to beat polygraph test when adminstered by an expert
    • Examiners are former law enforecement agencies
    • Polygraph FAQ - Most Accurate tool in truth verificationAPH SERVICES POLYGRAPH SERVICES SERVICES SECURITY CONSULTANCY Polygraph test in Malaysia





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  • Read moUse Polygraph test to conduct a thorough background checking on your new staff:
  • Use polygraph High Risk post
  • Check their previous history
  • Criminal activities


  • In Malaysia fraud and corruption employees are the most complex issues facing the world today.
  • Fraud can cause major financial damage and serious reputational risks.
  • We conduct polygraph service to our corporate clients relating to kickback or criminal activities
  • Your company requires local experts with investigative experience to assist you.


Malaysia goalkeeper passes polygraph test



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